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Garage Door Service in Saratoga, CA

Servicing your garage door is something that should not be handled by just anyone. Call the experienced team at Garage Door Repair of Saratoga. We work around-the-clock to bring our customers quality garage door repairs, routine maintenance, and new garage door installations.

Improving the Function of Your Garage Door

Did you know that regularly having your garage door serviced can actually improve the function and increase the longevity of your door? At Garage Door Repair of Saratoga, we not only offer regular servicing of your garage door, but we encourage it. In addition to aiding your door, regular servicing allows our technicians to catch issues before they become more major and costly repairs. With routine service, our technician will first perform a thorough inspection of your garage door. They will tighten nuts and bolts, while lubricating moving parts. If any issues are found, they will discuss those with you and advise on possible solutions to repair it.

When to Schedule Maintenance

Just like other “check-ups,” your garage door “check-up” should be scheduled on an annual basis. In most areas, weather can greatly affect the condition of your garage door. Therefore, some homeowners choose to have their door inspected before the cold of winter, while others choose before the heat of summer. It’s best to have a consistent time each year, so you remember to complete it. Regardless of when you choose to have your door serviced, just make sure you do.

Playing Your Part

Did you know that there are small tasks that you, as the homeowner, should be performing on your garage door? These tasks include:
  • Changing out batteries regularly
  • Cleaning the safety eye sensors and keeping them free of debris
  • Listening for changes in the sound of your garage door when operating
  • Making sure the tracks are in balance
Though these may seem insignificant, performing them can keep your door functioning well, or alert you to when something is wrong.

Improve the Look of Your Home

For most people, the garage door affects the outside appearance of their home. That is why it is not only good to maintain it, but to replace it every so often with a new, fresher look. Installing a new garage door can not only improve your home’s appearance, but it can also increase its value. At Garage Door Repair of Saratoga, our team is eager to help you find a garage door that works for your lifestyle and your home. If you are not finding a make, model, and style that you love, we can also help you design a custom garage door. Once your garage door is chosen or built, our team will install it and guarantee that are parts are working cohesively.

Make Your Appointment Now!

Still not convinced that servicing your garage door is really necessary? Make an appointment with Garage Door Repair of Saratoga and see the difference our team can make. We are confident your garage door will work better and longer with a little TLC from our crew!

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